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I have been interested in game development since I was first introduced to Game Maker by my father at the age of 10. This soon developed into a hobby, with me testing other forms of free game development software, such as Blender. From the early days I have always been interested in both the programming and art side of game development, but when I entered high school I started to focus more on programming. In my third year of high school, and my first of learning how to program in an educational institute, we had been assigned to program a game using the development tool called Scratch. Scratch being a basic software development ki to introduce people to world of programming, was rather primitive using a drag and drop interface. The following two years the course then moved on to working in Java,  using Netbeans. Even though the courses were mostly focused on creating windows applications, and not really games, it created my foundation for the courses I would follow in college. Those years introduced multiple useful concepts that are applicable across most programming languages, such as syntax, programming patterns, etc. After graduating from high school, I had a brief pause in my education, where I worked at a card manufacturer called Syx Graphics, in Ieper, Belgium. In 2015 I started my tertiary education at the hogeschool van West-Vlaadenderen, where I would later complete the Bachelor degree for Game development, as part of the Digital Arts and Entertainment program. This course prepared me for the game development industry, teaching me various vital aspects I use to this day. As part of my final semester at college, I had to complete half a year of work placement in the industry. This is when I would start working for Codemasters as a gameplay programmer. Though my interests started to draw towards physics programming soon afterwards. After my graduation, I became contracted by Codemasters full-time, and have been working there, as a physics programmer, ever since. 

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